Our Little Slice of Heaven


With the amazing weather we’ve been having these last few weeks and the reminder that summer is just around the corner, it’s time to get outside and soak up the vitamin D. One of my favorite places to hang out on a sunny day is Lynwood Center, Bainbridge Island’s “second” downtown. It’s a quaint little city center with coffee shops, delicious places to eat, a decadent and authentic French bakery that will tempt even the most gluten-free among us, a charming farm store, dog wash, cat adoption center, movie theatre, frozen yogurt spot, a small grocery store, and some seriously great shopping. You can even get your hair done! It’s a whole microcosm of everything you could want or need in a town within a two-block neighborhood. Oh, and the beach? It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away.


If this doesn’t already sound too good to be true, you’re in for even more of a treat. Amongst all these tempting finds is one of my favorite places on all of Bainbridge Island: earth & vine, a small but mightily sexy little wine bar that will have you at “hello.” Owned and operated by a super-charming couple, Gretchen and Chris will make you feel like old friends on your first visit.


A quote to live by and my supreme wish for all of you, this quote embodies the generous spirit and welcoming nature of earth & vine and reminds all of us to look on the bright side and enjoy life! This custom crafted sign is by the wildly talented Kelli Collins of Joe's Grain Girl who will happily design a special sign just for you.


Offering an incredible array of high-quality domestic and international wines, the savvy proprietors will set you up with whatever your heart desires. Uncertain what it is you’re looking for? Offer up your thoughts and adjectives on the perfect glass and prepare to be impressed. If you're looking for a bargain, Happy Hour is every Tuesday - Friday, 4pm to 6pm. Treat yourself and a friend to $6 pours of select (and scrumptious) wines from their extensive menu:


Add in a selection of tasty bites of the cheese and charcuterie variety, served alongside delicious bread, and you have what I refer to as the perfect Desert Island Combo. Literally, food and drink I could enjoy for the rest of my days.


I am the first person to tell you that a bottle of wine costing more than $9.99 form T&C is probably wasted on me. But a chilled glass of rosé (duh, I’m a girl and it’s pink) or bubbles – pink bubbles are a bonus - and I am in heaven. Sadly, I sometimes have to add ice (it's a Michigan thing) but it makes me happy so Gretchen doesn't give me too much grief. 


Charmingly decorated with an industrial-chic-meets-country-living vibe, this is not a place where you need to dress up. In fact, it's just the opposite. The perfect laid-back island spot to relax with friends and chat away, jeans are always welcome and no one will ever ask you to put on a jacket and tie. That's just not how we roll on the island.


During the winter it's warm, snug and cozy inside and, come the warmer months, there's tons of outdoor seating on the patio. There's even some much-needed shade available when the sun really starts beating down, compliments of these cheery, colorful umbrellas!


With a full schedule of happenings including poetry and tarot/medicine card readings, painting classes, and live music every Friday and most Saturday nights, you're guaranteed to find an event that's perfect for you and your gang.


Your glass of wine will always be generously accompanied by a sweet little bowl of picholine olives, compliments of the management, natch, and a refreshing bottle of water so you never feel guilty for ordering another glass of the good stuff.


So grab a glass on any one of the upcoming gloriously sunny afternoons, bring along some good friends, maybe enjoy a bit of live music, and get this weekend off to a pretty perfect start. The wine snobs among you will love it, I promise. Cheers!

Check out earth & vine's wonderful website with tons of terrific photos,  a calendar of events, and info on hosting your very own private party. And if you see me there, please be sure to say hi!

earth & vine
 4620 Lynwood Center Road NE #140
Bainbridge Island, WA 9811