Time to Hop to It!


It's that time of year when it is likely that you, like me, are just rolling off spring break. Ahhh, spring break, that most glorious vacation when all of us who did not grow up in the cold, wet, grey of the Pacific Northwest (and all other northern climes) get the heck out of Dodge and head to the sun. Having grown up in Santa Monica, my first choice is always a beach vacation and we were so lucky to escape to Southern California this year to soak up the Vitamin D. 

Base camp was the stunning home of my best friend since 4th grade - the perfect spot for glorious al fresco meals and decadent days spent lounging poolside accompanied by hospitality you'd be hard pressed to find at a five-star resort. Our week included: sunny days at the beach that take me back to my childhood (and, yes, my crazy kids did actually go swimming and surfing); an incredible golfcart tour of the Twentieth Century Fox lot by a very generous friend who has MUCH more important things to do with his time; a visit to The Getty Center gardens which was just about all my son could handle of that place (I could have spent the entirety of the day happily wandering about and soaking up all that art - must save for another time to protect family harmony - and FYI, it's free); a ride in a 1950s fighter jet for my son (who is far more brave than I am!); a bit of shopping at the glamorous Americana; too much eating and drinking (Whispering Angel is my new favorite rosé and I am daydreaming about lunch at Bacari GDL); a day out on aforementioned way-too-generous friends' stunning Hinckley picnic boat (you really want to click on that link, trust me); and a visit to the wild poppy fields and Vasquez rocks for my hubby and the kids who tend to enjoy that sort of hot, dirty hiking thing. 


While it's always a treat to go away, I almost equally enjoy coming home, arriving back on Bainbridge with a newfound appreciation for the remarkable beauty of this pristine island and renewed gratitude for being able to call it home. The children are happily (for me!) settled back in school and I have piles of laundry full of sand, the sea, and maybe just a lasting touch of sunshine, calling my name.

We also have Easter coming up this Sunday. I am not the crazy kind of person who actually plans ahead for something like this and, as old as my children are, I just can’t forgo a good Easter basket. I have such fond memories of waking up at the crack of dawn to one of the most wondrous joys a child will ever receive: a beribboned basket, full to bursting with chocolate eggs, jellybeans, Cadbury Cream eggs, Peeps, a wind-up chick or bunny that would toddle back and forth, a sugar egg and, of course, a chocolate bunny all nestled in fake plastic grass. Heaven! Luckily for those procrastinators among us who might still be feeling the effects of all those mai tais, I have just the place to ensure a sparkle in the eyes of your littles this Sunday morning: Bon Bon. Follow me and I'll give you the golden ticket tour:


One of the most beautiful stores at any time of year, Bon Bon is always seasonaly decorated to the hilt and filled stem to stern with the most delicious candies, chocolates and treats available from around the globe.

Grab a basket on your way in and start assembling your goodies. You could probably set a record for fastest Easter basket shopping because everything you need has thoughtfully been pre-arranged to be right there at your fingertips.

Sugar Eggs! I never actually ate these when I was little but I remember being fascinated by the fabulous scene inside and marveling at the Easter Bunny’s extreme skill and craftsmanship in making these beauties. 

I adore the charming art on these little gold coins. I'm a sucker for anything old-fashioned. You'll definitely want to grab a handful or two of these beauties to scatter about the "grass."


Bon Bon does an excellent job of packaging all their goodies. I adore these small packages of goodies, already pre-packaged with a beautiful bow, and adorned with the darling Bon Bon logo. Perfect for Easter Brunch party favors or a sweet gift for the kiddos of your hostess,

I adore these little honey bears filled to bursting with truly yummy Jelly Belly candies, smartly dressed for Easter with their dapper bow ties.

If you're feeling exhausted rather than recharged by your spring break, Bon Bon has just the thing you need for a lazy Easter Morning: beautiful Victorian eggs, sweetly wrapped with cellophane and a spring-colored bow, perfect for giving. And just look what they have inside:

If you'd rather forgo the Easter theme altogether, Bon Bon has shelves and shelves of every kind of candy you could possibly imagine from single-flavorJelly Bellies to salt water taffy, gummie bears, licorice, and a fun selection of retro candy which really pulls at the heartstrings of this 80s girl.


Not a sweet candy sort of person? I get it. Now you're talking: CHOCOLATE! Luckily for us, Bon Bon also has a huge assortment of the best chocolate from around the globe... I adore these beautifully packaged truffles. Choose the size, fillings, and even the color of the bow. A perfectly personalized box of perfection for the luckiest recipient on your list.


And while we're on the subject of chocolate, Bon Bon has the best homemade fudge this side of Lake Michigan. Trust me, I know. I've personally tried them all. Sweetly, there's always a sample to try and you can combine different flavors in a single box (sold by the 1/4 pound). Oh, and yes, you get to pick the color of the bow from a rainbow of beauties. The perfect color for every occaison.


I can't think of a better way to take a break from all that vacation laundry than a quick trip down to Bon Bon to get yourself squared away for Easter Sunday. The friendly staff will be more than happy to help you organize the prettiest basket to delight your wee ones. Who says there's no Easter Bunny? Clearly, she owns Bon Bon.

Bon Bon
230 Winslow Way East
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Monday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm
Sunday, 12pm - 5pm