Truly Local Coffee

Coffe and hot chocolate for two with cinnamon roll at Storyville Coffee, Bainbridge Island

Seattle is all about coffee and there's something special happening on Bainbridge Island. Storyville is a locally-owned company that roasts their beans three times each week, right here on the island. They use this crazy machine and it's kind of loud - the guys working the machine wear ear protection - but it's strangely fun to watch the process.

The beans start out sort of blond and come out with a gorgeous tan in the end. I don't know exactly how the whole process works but I can attest to the fact that these folks brew a mean cup of joe. They ship these little beauties all over the world the same day they are roasted and wrap them up sweetly like a present. There's no better gift at this chilly time of year than a box of delicious coffee beans, roasted with love and care, right here on Bainbridge Island!

So, that's Storyville for you. Bainbridge Island has about eight other fabulous coffee spots - you're sure to find the one that's your daily go-to with your very own friendly barista. Just promise me you'll swing into Storyville one Friday morning to catch the roasting show - it's like a field trip for adults! I'd love to hear your comments on roasting coffee... Does anyone out there know more about how this machine works?

You'll find the Storyville Roasting Studio at:

9459 Coppertop Loop NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
(206) 780-5777